Subfloor Ventilation Sydney

One of the most common problems that come about in homes or older buildings is dampness and the development of mould. It affects the quality of air that you breathe while you’re indoors and contains pollutants that can aggravate asthma or trigger raspatory-related infections.

In some environments rising damp can develop multiple harmful bacteria’s that pose an even bigger safety risk. In addition, it creates a great habitat for mice and roaches.

Sub Floor VentilationSub Floor Ventilation in Your Home

Whenever we find a house with rising damp, one of the main issues is the quantity of moisture that the air holds within that vicinity. There are a number of situations that can lead to rising with poor sub floor ventilation being a leading cause.

Other areas of origin might be due to a water leak, leaking windows or roofs or simply poor ventilation through the house.

The sub floor also known the under floor is a common place for harboring too much moisture, especially when there is just not enough ventilation to support the circulation of air.

Our team of experts can will help you identify the cause of your rising damp and discuss with you appropriate ventilation systems to ensure that there is accumulation of moister in the home.

Weather it is a sub floor ventilation system or general ventilation for the house, we want to ensure that there is no more accumulation of moister and put a STOP to the rising damp.

Sub Floor Ventilation Services in Sydney

It is an unquestionable decision to choose ASAP Sub Floor Ventilation Services Sydney, if you are searching for incomparable quality. With an enthusiastic team, our group of technicians will ensure that you are satisfied with all the sub floor ventilation works completed in Sydney. Mould is very common, especially in older properties or in homes that are poorly ventilated.

At ASAP Sub Floor Ventilation Sydney, we specialise in the eradication of Mould & Moisture from under your homes as well as ceiling and home ventilation. Poor sub floor ventilation will lead to poor health for everyone living in the household. It will cause damage to parts of your home that are very vulnerable to moisture, leading to decay of timber frame work and the destruction of brick piers that ultimately will cost a fortune to fix if not attended to.

We at ASAP Sub Floor Ventilation Sydney can offer you;

  • Expert advice
  • The best quality products
  • Professional, well-mannered technicians
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Guaranteed results

Sub Floor Ventilation – ASAP Trades

At ASAP (the Sub floor ventilation Experts in Sydney), we will help you eliminate all your mould, mildew and damp problems. Problems can occur when the space between your floor and the ground is not properly ventilated, it can lead to long term problems like rotting timber floors even structural timbers like bearers and joists.

ASAP Sub Floor Ventilation Sydney take all the necessary precautions to prevent & resolve the issues that lie beneath your home and can guarantee that it never comes back. Our qualified technicians will go to extreme measures to ensure that the problem is solved, leaving you with a smile on your face.

Stop mould in your homeHow does ASAP Determine if you need sub floor ventilation?

With A FREE!!! Full Home Safety Inspection.

At ASAP our Tradesmen will carry out a full inspection and identify all the indications of poor ventilation.

  • Is your paint peeling?
  • Are there moisture stains on your walls?
  • Is there mould- moisture on your soil
  • Are your timbers water damaged?
  • Is there humidity in your home?
  • Do you get an old smell to your – Must?
  • Stains on walls?
  • Peeling paint?

Sub Floor Ventilation Solutions

At ASAP Sub floor ventilation Sydney, our methods of rectification and remedies all revolve around the nature of the job. We ensure that works advised are best suited for the job and are from experience. Depending on the size of the following configurations are installed.

Positive air pressure systems in Sydney

This process involves bringing more fresh air in underneath your property using only the best fans available. By bringing in this warm dry air it will naturally push cold wet air out.

Negative air pressure systems in Sydney

This process includes a ventilation that generates the removal of negative air from underneath your property using yet again the best fans available. The negative air is the cold moist & musty air which is trapped underneath your Home.

Balanced air pressure system in Sydney

This system balances out the amount of air entering the subfloor area and the amount of air exiting the subfloor area to help create the circulation. By removing cold moist air and replacing it with warm dry air you can be certain that all your sub floor ventilation issues will be sorted.

Mold on wallAdditional air vents around the property

At ASAP Sub floor ventilation Sydney, we will put together packages for you that do not even require the use of fans. Sometimes with sufficient natural air flowing grills moisture can be released and natural air can enter, although some people say that it is not so effective in winter.

The range of vents can vary in size and material type. E.g. UV Resistant Plastic – Aluminium or Even stainless steel.

What are the advantages of Using ASAP Sub Floor Ventilation?

We don’t only guarantee results, we also guarantee satisfaction.

The Fans we supply are of the best quality guaranteed

The installation of our underfloor fans and duct work are to give you the best results

Our Cost effectiveness. We offer to beat any written quote by 10%

Efficiency, We run Our Fans on set timers so that they are not running all day, this technique saves you money and gives a longer life expectancy to the fan.

How Much Does Sub Floor Ventilation Cost?

A subfloor ventilation system in Sydney - supplied and installed in your home would typically Cost $1700.00 plus Gst. Sometimes with larger homes additional fans, grills and ducts are needed in order to maintain a dry sub floor.  Home owners must Take into consideration that there is sufficient access under the home as narrow subfloors take longer to do and also require more tradesmen on site