Rising Damp Services

Have you detected mould or an unwanted musty smell in your home or workplace? Is the subfloor of your home always damp? Call ASAP Mould Today. Rising damp can be a serious issue for Sydney home owners. Apart from the damage it can cause to your investment it puts the health of you and your family at risk. When it comes to rising damp do not risk an inferior job by a non-specialist tradesman.

ASAP Trades are the experts in rising damp offering you real solutions and peace of mind. With same day response, free safety inspection and $50 off same day service we guarantee your in the best hands and at the best price.

Rising Damp

Did you know! - Rising Damp is a health risk

Mould associated with rising damp can pose serious health risks such as respiratory infections, wheezing, asthma and other allergic reactions. Don’t risk it!

Protect your home and family

At ASAP we examine your property for free and do our absolute best to give you the most affordable price. Ultimately, we want to protect the structural integrity of your home whilst minimizing the risk of cracked walls, condensation, termites, mould growth, warped timber decay and other issues caused by moisture.

We are specialists in rising damp issues in Sydney with more than 15 years experience in the industry.  

What are the signs of rising damp?

Signs of rising damp can include damaged or rotting skirting boards or plaster, peeling paint often surrounded by wet patches on the wall. A yellowish or brownish staining on your wall towards the top of your skirting board or even a white powder like substance as a result from soluble salts rising through the floor.

How to fix rising damp?

If you believe you have discovered what appears to be rising damp it could be as simple as a blocked cavity or duct in your wall. In other cases the issue is more complex and there is a serious moisture source and lack of air flow. In either scenario it's best to have a professional inspection completed to ensure the underlying cause is treated correctly.

Rising Damp in Sydney homes

Sydney is no exception, in fact in older homes and building rising damp is very common. The key thing with rising damp is to eliminate moisture from the actual source. This can include having to reseal windows and door frames and even having to re point any crumbling or missing mortar from your bricks or roof capping. 

Air flow is crucial in treating rising damp in homes, which is why a sub floor ventilation system is one of the most popular and affordable methods in treating rising damp.